If I had not studied music, there would be no Macintosh computers today. 

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Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Rosie Moon

Rosie completed her Primary PGCE at The Institute of Education, UCL. She studied Music Education as her specialism and passed her postgraduate as an outstanding teacher. She then went on to teach a Year 3 class in an outstanding school in Croydon where she completed her NQT year. 

Learning Literacy, Maths & Science Through Music

As a qualified teacher, Rosie aims to bring music to the primary school classroom and combine the creativity of music-making with maths, literacy and science to assist children's attainment in these core subjects. 

Little Time, Much To Do!

Teaching music can feel daunting, especially if generalist teachers feel little or no confidence in their own musical ability. Primary teachers are under constant pressure to plan a curriculum that fulfils the potential of all the children in their class, particularly in core subjects. This gives teachers little time to dedicate time to music and performance skills. The programmes developed by Mx4 are designed to be used in the everyday classroom at any point during the academic school year.

Resources & Facilities

It can be difficult for schools who have little space and few resources to feel that they can deliver good music education for their pupils. Mx4's lessons are designed to be taught in the everyday classroom. The programmes are intended to inspire children in primary schools across the country. 

Creativity Drives Our Future

Music education funding has been dramatically cut in recent years and Rosie is on a crusade to show the generalist teacher how they can use music in the everyday classroom. 


Qualified Classroom Teacher

A unit of lessons can be planned with a specific focus on a particular Learning Objective/s. Ways in which that objective's success criteria can be attained through music-making would be explored alongside input from the classroom teacher.

Music Education Outreach for Ensembles and Groups

Educational outreach is incredibly important for ensembles. A good outreach programme which gives not only children but professional musicians new skills to use in schools is an empowering way to approach the future of music education. 

Lessons and workshops would be planned and delivered alongside an ensemble and can be tailored to specific genres or programmes of music. 

Contact Mx4

If you have any queries or would like to see some examples of possible workshops and lesson plans, please send me a message.

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